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Ryan Dulling, PT, DPT, Clinic Director:

Ryan's clinical interests and training include:

  • Certified Sportsmetrics specialist focusing on ACL tear prevention in young athletes
  • Higher level coursework in spinal mobilizations
  • Specializes in Myofascial Cupping & Western Dry Needling
  • Treatment of sport-related injuries including Baseball, Crossfit, Basketball, Football, Golf, Soccer, and Tennis
  • Specializes in custom orthotic fabrication and gait/running analysis
  • Advanced training in Maitland & Mulligan approaches to manual therapy.
  • Extensive sports medicine continuing education.
  • Certified Kinesio Taping practitioner.
  • Credentialed APTA clinical instructor.
  • Advanced proficiency PTA distinction awarded by APTA.

Forrest Dyer, DPT:

Forrest's clinical interests and training include:

  • Concussion management and rehabilitation continuing education
  • Employs muscle energy assessment and techniques to treat spinal dysfunctions and muscle imbalances
  • Treatment of sport-related injuries including Soccer, Weightlifting, Basketball, Baseball, and Football.
  • Special interest in the shoulder complex and scapulohumeral mechanics for functional arm strength and stability

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