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Welcome to
Foothills Physical Therapy Center

We have been providing personal physical therapy care and effective results to the South Knoxville Community for over 20 years. We help restore wellness and we look forward to helping you get back to the things you love.

We can Help

Whether you got hurt playing sports, pulling weeds, overtraining, at work, or simply had a brief uncoordinated moment, we can help. We specialize in orthopedic rehabilitation and sports medicine for student athletes, weekend warriors, and orthopedic injuries of the young and old.


Physical therapy should be the first stop when you are suffering from a musculoskeletal problem because:

  • Our PTs are EXPERTS on musculoskeletal issues.
  • We are easily accessible. Our therapists are only a phone call away and appointments are often available within 24 hours.
  • We can start treatment right away, increasing the chance of a fast and complete recovery.
  • We can help direct you toward the best treatment options including the best MDs for your injury.
  • Patients who TRY PT FIRST can often avoid unnecessary tests, expenses, and delays that can impact recovery.

Did You Know:

  • We can often see you without a Doctor’s Referral.
  • We offer Free Injury Consultation see side tab for more information.
  • We are a participating provider for Humana Gold.

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