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"I came to Foothills Therapy because their office was in South Knoxville. I hadn’t heard of them or been there before. Their name was on a list from TOC at ParkWest. When I decided to try them out, I was pleasantly surprised! Their space is not really big, but they have the right equipment! This is mundane information, but it is necessary. The center assigned Forrest Dyer as my therapist. I was having back problems. Forrest was exceptional! He’s very attentive and knowledgeable. For the time I went there for assistance, Everyone was extremely nice and eager to help out where needed. As I was taking therapy, I noticed that all therapists were knowledgeable and had a great bedside manner. I highly recommend this center for physical therapy! I definitely recommend Forrest Dyer. He’s an exceptional doctor and physical therapist! They deserve the highest rating!"
Apr 26, 2020

My back has been an issue since my High School days. After seeing a doctor, physical therapy was requested. I had never been through physical therapy, so I did not really know what to expect. After a few weeks of therapy here, I noticed significant changes in my lower back and was mostly pain free for the first time in a while. Therapy here certainly improved my back and I am glad I had the opportunity to work through the back pain at Foothills. Everyone here was more than helpful and extremely professional. I appreciate all the help of the staff. Thanks!!

-C. K.

I developed severe pain in my left hip and was referred by my doctor to Foothills Physical Therapy. There Amy Myers spent a great deal of time working with me and evaluating my issue. We then set up a comprehensive program. I’ve been to several PT Centers before. At Foothills I received constant care and supervision. I found all of the therapists I worked with knowledgeable, fastidious, but most of all compassionate – and fun too. Thanks all.

-O. H.

Wow – two feet ready to move back into running! After an ankle injury that postponed my plans for a half marathon, the crew at Foothills got me back on track. What I most appreciate is the way you took my goals into consideration when developing my plan for physical therapy. It made me realize that your treatment plan was designed to get me healthy and ready to do the activities I enjoy. You talked me through the exercises, so I always knew the what and why of what I was doing. On top of that, I enjoyed my visits because everyone was so friendly! Thank you!

-D. M.

When I first arrived, I could not comfortably sit or stand my low back hurt so badly. I learned a significant amount about my weak core and weak right side. I learned many exercises and proper was to stand, sit, clean, and do dishes. i feel much stronger and pretty much pain free. Most importantly, I feel I can control my back pain through the knowledge I gained here. As soon as my back starts to bother me , I just pull my hips in and happily it is becoming a habit. Thank you to the committed staff here at Foothills Physical Therapy.

-M. F.

I tore my ACL playing soccer. Dr. Mathien recommended Foothills Physical Therapy. The staff made me feel like this is recess with a little more strain. It was a lot of fun but I feel like I was becoming my old self again. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone any time.

-M. E.

Before coming to see Amy I was having headaches almost everyday. In just a couple of months of therapy my headaches are virtually gone. I never would have thought physical therapy would’ve helped with headaches but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Thanks!

-K. D.

I had a chronic unidentifiable hand injury for several months. I went to another clinic and all they did was give me a brace to wear for a month, which worsened the problem. Foothills was able to specifically target the problem, and use a variety of methods to strengthen my hand. If i ever have another injury I will definitely go to Foothills.

-N. J.

When I came to Foothills I could not walk or run more than a mile without knee and back pain. Today I ran 15 minutes and had no pain. I am so pleased with the progress that is a direct result of perseverance and commitment from both myself and my lovely therapists. I now know how to truly take care of my body and prevent pain.

-J. G.

When I came here, I was sore and in a lot of pain. As I continued to come, I improved and I actually don’t want to end therapy because I enjoyed the team and the exercises. I feel a lot better.

-C. B.

The treatment I received at Foothills PT has eliminated the hip pain I have endured for many years. Everyone has been fantastic and I will definitely be back if my pain returns. Thanks so much!

-T. P.

when I arrived at Foothills PT I was suffering pretty intensive pain in my shoulder. I wasn’t sleeping well and wasn’t able to engage in my usual physical activities. I’m now at the point of very little pain and am feeling stronger and stronger every day.

-M. R.

I have always been pleased and impressed with the positive results gained from my therapy. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend their programs.

-L. E.

I came in with severe neck, and back pain and TMJ problems. the pain was unbearable and it was hard for me to get through the day. after a few months of therapy my pain was almost non-existent and I also learned exercise to manage the flare ups during stressful times. I would recommend Foothills PT to anyone who is stressed and tense from work or school.

-S. L.

When I came to Foothills, a bike accident had left me unable to breathe deeply, exercise comfortably or enjoy the things that make me tick: swimming, biking and running. Within three weeks, Amy had my back feeling brand new. Physical therapy eased my pain and my skepticism about my future with an active lifestyle. Much thanks!

-D. S.

When I came in I had a lot of pain and stiffness in my back and legs which prevented me from climbing stairs or even walking. Following physical therapy I once again had the strength and mobility I need to walk, life heavy object etc.

-E. F. Q.