Ryan Dulling, DPT

Ryan Dulling, DPT
Clinic Director
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Ryan achieved his Bachelor's and his Doctorate from East Tennessee State University. Not only does he bring a lively personality to Foothills, but also a plethora of skills obtained both during and after Physical Therapy School. Ryan is highly skilled in biomechanical analysis and gait training. He also brings some new tools to the team here at Foothills, such as myofascial cupping, western dry needling, orthotic fabrication, and ACL tear prevention.

Ryan's clinical interests and training include:

  • Certified Sportsmetrics specialist focusing on ACL tear prevention in young athletes
  • Higher level coursework in spinal mobilizations
  • Specializes in Myofascial Cupping & Western Dry Needling
  • Treatment of sport-related injuries including Baseball, Crossfit, Basketball, Football, Golf, Soccer, and Tennis
  • Specializes in custom orthotic fabrication and gait/running analysis

Outside the clinic

Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and son, crossfitting, visiting with friends and family, and being active in his church.

Forrest Dyer, DPT

Forrest Dyer, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Forrest earned his Bachelor's from University of Tennessee, Knoxville and his Doctorate from University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. Forrest’s Physical Therapy rehabilitation style includes a focus on biomechanics and patient centered care to expedite return to the activities pertinent to each patient. Having experience in stroke rehabilitation, sports medicine, and acute care settings, Forrest blends experience into current evidenced based techniques to optimize rehabilitation through a variety of interventions.

Forrest's clinical interests and training include:

  • Employs muscle energy assessment and techniques to treat spinal dysfunctions and muscle imbalances
  • Treatment of sport-related injuries including Soccer, Weightlifting, Basketball, Baseball, and Football.
  • Special interest in the shoulder complex and scapulohumeral mechanics for functional arm strength and stability
  • Concussion management and rehabilitation continuing education


Forrest is an avid soccer player of over 23 years, enjoys recreational weightlifting and conditioning, enjoys spending time with his family, watching UT sports, and participating in pride of the southland marching band alumni events.

Chelsea Rutledge, PTA

Chelsea Rutledge, PTA
Physical Therapist Assistant

Chelsea graduated from Roane State’s Physical Therapist Assistant Program in 2012, and has been working in outpatient rehabilitation treating neurological and orthopedic conditions ever since. She enjoys working closely with her supervising therapists to tailor treatment plans to each individual patient and their needs in order to advance them toward their goals. Chelsea’s wide experience includes treatment for pre and post- operative care, neck and back pain, sacroiliac dysfunction, and balance dysfunction for fall prevention, just to name a few. She enjoys learning, and is always seeking continuing education to develop her skill set and stay current with evidence-based treatment strategies.

Chelsea's clinical interests and training include:

  • Soft tissue and joint mobilization with additional training in Graston Techniques as well as spinal, shoulder, Sacroiliac, hip, knee, and ankle mobilization
  • Kinesiotaping for muscle facilitation/inhibition, postural correction, and pain/edema management
  • Treatment of sacroiliac dysfunction through a combined approach of muscle energy techniques and exposure/treatment of muscle imbalances
  • Implication of functional exercise for return to activities of daily living, hobbies, sporting, and recreation activities
  • LSVT BIG Certified for treatment of Parkinson’s Disease
  • Functional Movement Assessment Certified

Outside of the clinic

Chelsea enjoys reading, photography, snowboarding, traveling and spending time with her family.

Rod Johnston

Rod Johnston

Rod Joined Foothills Physical Therapy in the year 2000 to manage the business side of things including compliance, staffing, operations and contracting. Rod’s goal is to make sure that all the gears are working well so that we can provide excellent care to our patients, while maintaining a rewarding, professional, relaxed, warm and friendly atmosphere. Seeing the improvement in patient’s lives, hearing their success stories, and working with a staff of happy, dedicated, and accomplished individuals makes his day!

Outside of the clinic

Rod enjoys farming, watching wildlife, trail horse riding, and getting together with friends. One day he may even get back to fishing!

Andrea Dudek

Andrea Dudek
Front Desk Coordinator

Andrea is the Front Desk Coordinator that has recently moved to Knoxville in early 2021. She brings the Florida sunshine to Foothills with a warm welcome for each patient. Andrea has previous experience in customer service and as a front desk coordinator giving her the ability to assist patients with check in, check out, and scheduling needs, along with any questions our patients have. Andrea received a Bachelors in Heath Science from the University of Central Florida. She is excited to be apart of the Foothills nation, being closer to family, and enjoying her new adventure in Knoxville.

Outside of the clinic

Andrea enjoys fishing, reading and watching movies, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.