Specialized Programs

We offer specialized programs for:

  • Fit Knees. Foothills Physical Therapy takes pride in our Fit Knee Program. This program is a patient centered approach that includes: Pain and swelling modalities; Biomechanical exam of the hip knee and foot; Stability and strength training; Joint and soft tissue mobilization; Restoration of muscle imbalances and patient education with proactive patient involvement.
  • Spine Program. Our Therapists use specialized training in the McKenzie and Maitland disciplines to treat disorders of the spine. Amy Myers, PT, DPT and Caitlin Quinn, DPT work with the physician and patient to develop a patient centered approach to healing. Post-Surgical Rehab. After surgery, a personalized rehabilitation program is essential for a successful recovery. It addresses the immediate after-effects of surgery including soft-tissue scarring and adhesions, as well as pain and inflammation which often lead to muscle weakness and joint stiffness. Gentle manual therapy and targeted exercise prevent scarring, ease pain, strengthen muscles, relieve joint stiffness, and restore range of motion. As a result, your recovery progresses much faster.
  • You have a choice when it comes to your post-surgery physical therapy treatment. Choose Foothills for convenient and effective treatment following Total Joint Replacement, ACL Reconstruction, Meniscal Repair, Shoulder or Spinal Surgery.

Patients who follow their surgeon’s orders for physical therapy achieve the best results. Our convenient South Knoxville location provides easy access and allows our patients to attend their full course of therapy in their community.